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Special Projects

In truth, every collaboration is special to us in its own way. But at DIA, we break our work into two categories. One aspect is our ISSAQ Student Success Platform, which includes our work with colleges and universities to improve academic success and retention.

The other aspect is special projects, which include

collaborations in which we use our collaborative approach to help organizations from all sectors turn data into information and information into action.

Some of our recent successful projects are described below. If you'd like to work with us, please complete the Contact Form below and let us know what you had in mind.

Meeting Table

General Education Assessment

We worked with Radford University to create assessments aligned to a new general education curriculum. Our work included collaborating with faculty on item development, assisting with assessment pilots, and consulting on assessment implementation and integration. 

Promoting retention Among Medical Workers

Collaborating with a consortium of hospitals, we applied holistic assessment principles to promote retention and career pathing among entry-level caregivers. In addition to a diagnostic intake assessment, DIA also trained career coaches on assessment interpretation and use.

Assessment Redesign in Medical Licensure


DIA worked with NBME    to discuss holistic assessment in medical licensure. We convened a panel of experts in both noncognitive assessment and  medical education to help consider the theoretical, practical, and operational implications of a holistic approach. Download the case study below to learn more!

Assessing Global Competence

A community college received a grant to not only assess global competence but build an assessment model that would help communicate skills to key employers. We worked with them to build a GC model, align programming to outcomes, and generate key data.

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