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To create a system of higher education where all students have an equal chance to learn and succeed.


DIA strives to improve student learning and success in higher education by partnering with institutions of higher education to improve cultures, strategies, and practices for understanding and supporting students. Through collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement, we serve as a collaborator, partner, and guide.


Collaboration - DIA is not a consulting organization, but rather one that works collaboratively with colleges, universities, and other systems of higher education to improve practice. Simply identifying a problem is insufficient. We work to identify solutions as well as examine their effectiveness.

Innovation - DIA’s work with institution is based in best practices in student learning and success. We strive to remain at the cutting edge of innovative approaches through our work and involvement with the higher education community.


Continuous Improvement - In our own work, as well as our collaboration with institutions, DIA continually strives for improvement. This consists of an ongoing process analyzing of data and information, acknowledging when things are not working optimally, and a willingness to explore new ideas and strategies.


Ross Markle, Ph.D.
Founder, Managing Director

In early 2019, Ross founded DIA to support colleges, universities, and other organizations in higher education as they seek to transition away from a century of student attrition. His professional strengths lie in written and oral communication, collaboration, and transforming research into practice. 


Charles Trenk
Director of Operations

After a career in electrical engineering, Charles joined DIA in early 2022. With experience in project management and teaching and a passion for student success, he is responsible for finding innovative solutions to helping our partners achieve their goals. 

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