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ISSAQ: Information Services

Information Services are about making meaning from your data. This includes ISSAQ survey data along with other data you're looking to consider in understanding student success (e.g., placement/admissions test scores, financial aid, class attendance). ​This goes beyond just averages and bench-marking to create an understanding of the true drivers of student success. In addition to robust reporting on your ISSAQ survey scores, some examples of Information Services include:

Woman Checking Data on Tablet

Predictive Analytics

"Predictive Analytics" refers to a lot of different methods of looking at data in relation to outcomes. With ISSAQ, Predictive Analytics focuses on helping you understand the key drivers of student success and how your institution can respond to improve outcomes.

Diversity Students

Subgroup Reporting

Whether your institution is concerned about student veterans, first-generation college students, or students from a set of feeder high schools, Subgroup Reporting provides additional insights into the strengths, challenges, and major predictors of success for any population of interest.

Classroom Lecture

Course Placement Analysis

When adjusting your course placement processes, there are many ways to examine effectiveness. Course Placement Analyses evaluate consider a wide range of outcomes and provide targeted recommendations for improvement.

To learn more about ISSAQ, simply complete the contact form below with "ISSAQ" in the subject.

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