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How long is the ISSAQ survey?

The survey is comprised of more than 100 questions. While this sounds like a lot, the items are short, simple, self-report items to which students can respond quickly. For most students the entire process takes about 15 minutes.

How is the ISSAQ survey administered?

The survey is administered in a fully web-based platform provided by Resonant Education. Students can complete the survey anywhere, using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or even a smart phone (though smart phones should be considered as a last resort for administration, to encourage greater student attention to the assessment).


What does the assessment measure?

ISSAQ focuses on a holistic set of "noncognitive" factors - the behavioral, motivational, emotional, and social components of student success. Addressing 12 specific factors, ISSAQ provides a unique perspective on student strengths and challenges, providing data to which institutions generally do not have access. 

Accessibility and Security

For additional information about Resonant Education's privacy policy, data security, and terms of use, see the links below.

What happens after the assessment if finished?

In short, the real impact begins. The first stage is feedback, whereby students, those that work with them (e.g., coaches, advisors, counselors), and the institution as a whole receive reports to foster an understanding of strengths and challenges. This happens at both an individual level, whereby students receive a report detailing their individual strengths and challenges, and the aggregate level, where summaries of student scores help staff and administrators understand trends across their student population.

Is it an "assessment," a "survey," or something else?

Terms like "assessment" or "survey" have connotations that carry many meanings, depending on who is using them. In the case of the ISSAQ survey, both are appropriate in their own way. The term "assessment" is fitting because there is meaningful feedback and resources provided after a student completes the measure. However, "assessment" may imply right and wrong answers and significant negative implications for some. Thus, "survey" can also be used. We're fine either way.

What CAN'T I use the results for?

While noncognitive skills are certainly important and predictive of success, survey results CANNOT be used for high-stakes decisions such as admission to an institution or program, financial aid, or course credit. Because of the nature of ISSAQ survey's items, this creates the potential for invalid response data. 

To learn more about ISSAQ, simply complete the contact form below with "ISSAQ" in the subject.

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