process mapping Workshop

Institutions have a host of enrollment, curricular, and co-curricular processes that constantly engage with students. From our perspective - having successfully completed our path through higher education - this makes sense. We know how to progress from one step to another, and who to ask if something becomes unclear. 


This is not the case for students. Many students don't fully understand what's next in their college career, let alone what the entire process looks like. They often fail to understand that various parts of the institution aren't one, synchronous organization, but a complex network of programs, services, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Process Mapping.JPG

Process Mapping is designed to bridge the gap between institutional intent and student experience. In this workshop, participants first re-frame their mindset from the student perspective. Then, they collaboratively inventory the internal processes, programs, and experiences that students should engage with in order to be successful. This may include mandatory steps, such as registration or payment, or internal "best practices" such as advising or learning support that promote student learning and success. Ultimately, teams will leave this workshop with an actual process map for your institution, which identifies gaps, potential confusion points for students, and critical times for communication. Focusing on what should be and not what is, process mapping is a key step toward building a more student-centered strategy for success.

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