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ISSAQ: Assessment

In some ways, the work of ISSAQ begins with the questionnaire. After all, ISSAQ takes its name from the "Incoming Student Skills and Attitudes Questionnaire." This is the source of the data that can help change the work of our colleges and universities and - ultimately - student success. This page provides an overview of the assessment process and how it integrates with other ISSAQ components. For specifics about the survey itself, visit the Survey FAQ page.

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Students complete the web-based ISSAQ survey. This can be done using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Student Report
Student Doing Homework

Students receive a detailed report, outlining their "Strengths" and "Opportunities," and connecting them with the Resource Hub.

Coach Report
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Coaches - advisors, faculty, or any staff working with a student - have access to an individualized report about each student, as well as aggregate data.

Resource Hub
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The Resource Hub is an online portal, designed for each institution, housing resources for students, plus training and information for coaches. Because each site is customized, students can be connected with local offices/programs.

Coaching Session
Office Talk

ISSAQ provides analytics to let you know which students need coaching the most, as well as provides training to advisors, faculty, and staff to maximize the impact of these conversations.

To learn more about ISSAQ, simply complete the contact form below with "ISSAQ" in the subject.

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