holistic student success Workshop

In recent years, researchers and practitioners have begun to pay more attention to the role that "soft skills" play in student success. Terms like "persistence," "growth mindset," and "sense of belonging" have helped articulate some of the factors that were known to impact learning and success, but weren't a part of the decisions we made about students. 


In this workshop, attendees gain a deeper understanding of what noncognitive skills are, how they relate to outcomes such as learning and retention, and how institutions can integrate them into their work to foster student success. While based in a wealth of research, this presentation goes beyond mere content, helping attendees connect noncognitive skills with their work, no matter what their role. 

This workshop can also be tailored to fit various audiences:

  • A general session for a variety of institutional roles;

  • A "curricular" session to help faculty integrate noncognitive skills into the classroom;

  • A "co-curricular" session to help staff identify and articulate noncognitive skills as part of advising, coaching, or counseling efforts;

  • An "administrator" session to discuss institutional actions, communications, and programs that can best address noncognitive skills.

Regardless of an individual's role in the institution, following this workshop, attendees can expect to identify important noncognitive factors relevant to student success, describe how noncognitive skills relate to success for their students, and identify resources to support student strengths and challenges.

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