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ISSAQ Constructs

The factors below represent the twelve behavioral, motivational, emotional, and social factors assessed by the ISSAQ assessment.



The behaviors and strategies that a student uses to organize their work and time. It is part of a large body of research addressing key success related characteristics, such student study skills and conscientiousness.

Construction Workers

Quality Focus

A student’s emphasis on high-quality work and avoidance of errors. Quality Focus relates to concepts such as precision, attention to detail, and even “perfectionism.” 

In a Meeting


The increased expectations of college-level courses with regards to attendance, assignment completion, and involvement both within and outside the classroom.

Crossing the Finish Line

Goal Commitment

Borrowing from several motivational theories, Goal Commitment focuses on a student's value and prioritization of a college degree goal.

Mountain Climber


One of the predominant features of "grit," Persistence refers to the maintenance of effort in the face of challenges.

Practicing Violin

Effort Focus

One of the core beliefs of a "growth mindset," Effort Focus refers to the perception that success is rooted in effort, rather than innate ability. 

Zen Stones


A general resistance to stress, whereby students who score low on this factor are more likely to become stressed and those who score high are less likely to do so.

Implementation Planning

Coping Strategies

The extent to which students use adaptive and/or problematic coping strategies when dealing with stress. 

Woman with Hipster Hairstyle


A critical component of many motivational theories, Self-Efficacy refers to an individual’s belief that they will be successful in college.

Group Seflie

Sense of Belonging

A feeling of connection to the people within a college or university.

College Campus

Institutional Commitment

A student’s attitude toward the college or university as a whole (i.e., positive or negative perception), as opposed to the individuals within that institution.


Help Seeking

A student's attitudes toward and tendency to ask for assistance when problems arise.

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